About Rick DeStefane

As a lifelong entrepreneur and leader, Rick DeStefane has built his professional reputation around a drive to exceed market expectations and create value for those he serves. That same achievement philosophy guides the over 60 businesses under his leadership, including the Reliant Care Management Company and the Reliant Care Group, LLC. DeStefane applies proven and time-tested operational strategies to maximize growth and efficiency in every organization placed under his leadership. His efforts have seen results; Reliant’s network of healthcare service providers currently supports over 2,500 patients and 4,000 employees and draws in over $200 million in annual revenue.   

Rick DeStefane’s approach to management centers on achieving one key task: establishing an effective team. To accomplish this, he cultivates a culture of dynamism – employees are trained and motivated to take on any workplace challenge with creativity and dedication. DeStefane’s delegation-centered approach and appreciation for dynamism have effectively allowed him to oversee over 100 unique business interests with consistent care and focus.

In addition to his businesses, Rick DeStefane serves on the board of a number of Missouri health organizations. He is currently a board member of the Northeast Missouri Economic Development Council, and President of the Missouri Health Care Association, Co-founder and Board Member for The Business Bank of St. Louis, and Vice-Chairman of the Board for St. Alexius Hospital.  He formerly served as Chairman of the Board for The Surgery Center of North Central Missouri and Chairman of the Board for St. Alexius Hospital.

Rick DeStefane holds two undergraduate degrees in business management and political science, respectively. He has also earned a Master’s in Business Administration from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville and is a Certified Public Accountant. Taken together, DeStefane’s formal education and industry experience have empowered him to grow as a leader in his field; today, he works with both business leaders and significant figures in local and federal government to further his patients’ interests.

A lifelong baseball fan, Rick maintains sole ownership of the collegiate Prospect League’s Hannibal Hoots. When he isn’t managing his businesses or the team, he enjoys spending time with his children and studying management theory, political science, and American history. He also dedicates his energies to worthy causes such as the American Heart Association, nursing homes, and other charitable organizations. Outside of his professional and philanthropic endeavors, Rick DeStefane splits his time between his homes in St. Louis and Hannibal, Missouri.

Rick DeStefane
Rick DeStefaneOwner and President, Reliant Care Group, LLC